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SneakyAmp is (err, was) a popular Winamp plug-in. It adds a keyboard-only interface to Winamp, that is usable from any program.

Project Status: Dead, but open source!


Sep 23, 2006: I've released the latest SneakyAmp source under the LGPL, you can get it here, or at the bottom the the page. The code is not what I'd like to have representing me, but I'm not going to bother making it good at this point. It was my 2nd major Windows project, and was before I had any real experience with bigger projects (ie: not a homework assignment), so my design and code is less than optimal. Give me a break. :)

    So, have a blast with it! Here are some ideas for you that I've always wanted to get to:

        - Make the hotkeys configurable! Who knows why I had problems with that

        - Do file/directory discovery in a separate thread, so you don't hang Winamp when it first starts!

        - Make the randomizer more random! It really seems to pick certain directories more than others, for some reason.

        - Make the configuration window better! I was having a hard time putting new commands in there, while still keeping some sort of user friendliness.

        - Somehow use song ratings when choosing what random songs to play! ITunes probably does this, I dont know, I hate that program. I just dont want to keep having to skip half of the songs that come up on random because they're terrible, but not so terrible that I'd actually delete them.

        - Make it so I can delete songs, because I'm lazy! I actually think I started this, but disabled it because I thought it was too risky. How do you safely delete files off a network drive? There's no "Recycle Bin" there...



     Latest Documentation

     Latest plugin .dlls - No installer. Put gen_snkamp in your plug-in directory, and snkyamphook.dll in Winamp.exe's directory. Nearly identical to the SneakyAmp 2.0 beta, with some extra commands and optimizations.

     Includes these mostly undocumented commands, which can only be edited from the plugin.ini file in Winamp's plugin directory:

     jump - Mimics the "jump to file" window

     shift - Shifts songs currently in the playlist to the next song position

     addnext - Inserts new songs to be played next

     cd - Starts a cd playing


     Public releases:

          SneakyAmp 2.0: This is still marked as a beta, but I haven't received a single bug report or complaint yet, so consider it safe.

          SneakyAmp 2.0+ Source Code: The latest source code.

          SneakyAmp 1.0c

          SneakyAmp 1.0a

          SneakyAmp 1.0a Source