Instructions for Dicey V0.02

- This will be much easier when I can put a tutorial in the game, I hope this make a little sense.



    The object is to match up the value on the top of dice. You do this by rolling and sliding the dice around.


    Because this is such an early build, everything is represented by a die. Player 1 is a small die with a 1 on the top, and player 2 is a small die with a 2 on the top.


    The players move by using the keyboard. Player 1 uses the arrow keys, and player 2 uses the WASD keys.



    Players get points by "sinking" sets of dice. To sink dice, you must move around dice so the top value matches the top value of surrounding dice. Two or more dice with a two on top will sink when placed next to each other. Three or more dice with a three on top will sink when placed next to each other, and so on.

    The exception are dice with a one on top. Do sink these, you must move a die with a one on top next to a die that in already sinking. This will cause all the one's to sink, except the one the player may be riding on.


    When you create sinking dice, your score increases by an amount that depends on the type and number of dice you sunk. The formula is Score = number of dice * top value of dice. So, if you sink five dice with a three on top, you get 15 points.



    You can increase your score further by creating combos. This is done by moving a die next to a set of matching dice that are already sinking. The score you get from a combo is determined by the formula Score = number of dice * top value of dice * combo multiplier. Every time you do this with the same set o sinking dice, your combo multiplier increases. When creating a combo, the same rules apply as for creating normal sinkers. You must have the correct number of matching dice to create a combo. For example, moving a die with a 4 on the top next to three matching dice that are sinking, you will create a combo because you've matched the minimum of 4 dice.


Hints for movement:

    Getting the correct value on the top of the die, and in the position you want, takes practice. Here are a couple things that I hope will help.


    The values on opposites sides of the die will always add up to seven. So, if the side you can see is a 3, you know the opposite side is a 4.


    If you have the value you want on the top of the die, its easy to keep that value while moving horizontally or vertically, if you have enough room. Unfortunately, this will be hard to explain without pictures... So lets try an example.

    Say you have the correct value on the top of your die, but you need to move it directly to the right. Roll the die one space down. Then, you can roll the die as far left or right as you want, and your value with stay on the same side. When you get it to the right position, roll 1 space up, and your die will be how you wanted it.